“Being an avid hiker and outdoors enthusiast, this product really changed my life. The Invisible Shower immediately removes the discomfort I feel after a day of vigorous activity.”- Alex M.
“With soccer practice ending at 6:45 and family dinners starting at 7:00, I struggled to make myself presentable. Now with the Invisible Shower, I feel fresh & clean, all in time for dinner”.-Josh G.
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“The Invisible Shower was very easy to use and reload. The extra pads and reusable carry case makes this product a must have.” -Cliff C.
“The body cleanser liquid smells so good and fresh, I love it!.” -Cheryl S.
“My family and I love to go camping. The lack of a shower often turns my wife & kids away from the experience. The Invisible Shower allows us to enjoy the outdoors and still stay fresh and clean”-Alex H.