1. Is three pumps enough cleaner?
Yes. Our towel pad is specifically designed to spread the cleanser as you move over your body so just a small amount in the center of towel pad works great!
2. Can I refill the unit?
No. This is a disposable product. When you finish all 20 pads and exhaust the body fresh cleanser please discard responsibly.
3. Can I use just the towel pad?
Yes! Our product is great if you are perspiring and need to wipe down first. You can then pump and add cleanser to freshen up and dry off to feel completely refreshed!
4. Do I need to dry off after use?
Only if needed.
5. Can I use a few and then store for later use?
Yes! Our case will lock easily for repeated use.
6. Is shipping free?
When ordering 2 or more yes! There is a $5.00 shipping and handling charge when ordering just one Invisible Shower.