• introducing
  • The first portable and disposable body refresher
  • Start

    Place hand into mitt
    with pre-loaded
    disposable pad

    Pump 3 times to
    moisten towel pad with
    body fresh cleanser

    Clean your face and
    body where needed

    Reload the mitt with
    a fresh pad
  • DRY

    Dry off then discard
    and reload a fresh
    pad for future use
What is it?
Remember the last time you felt sweaty and dirty but wished you felt clean and fresh? Ever find yourself far from home with no place to shower but you still needed to get to work or meet some friends? The Invisible Shower can make you fresh and clean wherever you are! The Invisible Shower is a patented refreshing mitt that comes with 20 reloadable ultra-soft towel pads and its own aloe infused skin cleanser and revitalizer. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed with hints of vitamin rich spearmint and melon. The only portable and disposable wet and dry body refresher specifically designed to leave you feeling confident and fresh after any activity.
Who can use it?
Basically, everybody. It’s perfect for those on the go that need a quick refresh. Men and Women who like to feel clean at a moment’s notice and busy parents who want to quickly clean up their Kids after activities.
  • Watch How it Works